Help & FAQ

We have put together a list of the most common questions for you.
If you need further assistance please contact our customer service.

Which ski pass can I recharge?

It must be a chipcard of Skidata/Axess. This has a visible 23-digit card number. The number is located on the back of the Keycard either top right or bottom left. By using this number, we check the card for compatibility with the current ski resort. TIP: Label your card yourself with your name so that there is no likelihood of confusion with family members there!

Why should I book my ski pass online?

You can go directly on the slope without waiting queues at the counter which simplifies especially the skiing day with the family / in the group. You can now leave your ski pass in your jacket and recharge it whenever you go skiing. You will never forget your ski pass anymore. A ski pass can be recharged again and used on any SLOPESTARS partner ski Area.

Can I also buy tickets for my family through the shop?

Yes. Your user profile allows you to manage multiple contacts and cards. You can assign tickets to your family members during the purchase process.

Can I cancel the purchase again?

Yes. 2 conditions: 1.) If the ticket has not yet been redeemed. 2.) Within 14 days from date of purchase. To do this, click on your name (top right), and you will be taken to your user account. There you will find your order overview and can cancel individual purchases.

Do I really have to stop working at the cash register?

Right. To book your ticket from home or mobile you only need an (old) Skidata/axess card, which you may have at home from last year. Otherwise you can order a new one which we will send by post. Please note that this may take 3 – 5 business days and will include shipping fees.

Is the online purchased ski pass really charged on the card?

Each Skidata/Axess keycard has an ID and a chip. The chip asks the server for permission at each entry. Via online booking, your Skidata ID will be assigned the respective selected and paid authorization, thus allowing access. Nothing is charged directly to the card, which is why you do not need any additional hardware.

I lost my charged keycard. What should I do?

Please contact our customer service: or calling +43 (0)3587/203-0

Do I have to carry an ID card with me at any time?

If you have purchased discounted tickets – i.e. “child” or “youth” – you must be able to identify yourself at any time. Please note our conditions of carriage and the legal consequences which result in false personal information. At each entrance / transport automated and partly personal checks occur. Therefore we ask you to carry a photo ID at all times.

What happens with my data?

Any data you provide during the booking process will not be shared with third parties. We only ask for the legally necessary data for the purchase, for the delivery of the card or the verification of age limits. On your card itself, no data will or can be stored.

Customer service online booking

From Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm you can contact us by emailing or calling +43 3537 300.